18 trillion triangles

Just got 2 more gigs of RAM (giving 4g, though only 3.3g are visible due to using a 32-bit OS at the moment), so I had to come up with a nice render to take advantage of it. The scene below contains 640000 instances of the Lucy statue at 28 million triangles, giving roughly 18 trillion triangles (that is ~1.796e13 triangles). Due to the nice O(log N) properties of the BIH however, it only took about 10 minutes to render without any global illumination. Not all triangles are visible in the current viewport though. The entire scene consumes around 2.7g, 960m for the terrain and the rest for the Lucy statue.

Below is another render of the same scene, this time with global illumination through path tracing. This render took 8 hours, though the difference from the render above isn't that big. This is due to the sharp direct illumination from the sun, exaggerated further from treating the sun as a point light.

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